About us

Terawulf mining company became a company in the crypto-mining sphere in 2015 in Georgia. At that time we, a small group of crypto-enthusiasts, decided to establish our first cryptocurrency mining farm, abandoning the then usual mining based on the use of graphics cards in favor of professional equipment. And now, after some time, we are ready to present to you our experience and efforts - the Terawulf mining company cloud mining project.

Cloud mining may involve financial risks and is not suitable for everyone. The information provided here is for educational and informational purposes only and you are solely responsible for any investment decisions you make and should not construe the information provided as an offer or inducement to invest in Terawulf mining company or other cloud mining platforms.

Our company has two data centers located in the USA, Texas and in Georgia, Jvari. In both cases, locations with the most optimal cost of electricity have been chosen for each case so that you do not overpay for the mined coins and get maximum profit. Regardless of which contract you choose Terawulf mining company data centers will provide a stable service.